I’m very excited to share with you more news about BbWorld. Prepare to be inspired by Sir Ken Robinson, best-selling author, internationally recognized leader in development, creativity, innovation and human potential, who will deliver the Day 3 keynote address at BbWorld 2011. Robinson has authored several books on his unconventional ideas about how education can support – not stifle – the creativity and passion in everyone.

His book “Out of our Minds: Learning to Be Creative,” was recently re-released to mark the 10th anniversary of its publishing. What started as a small re-write, ended in a completely new edition of the book.

As Sir Ken says, “so much has happened in the last ten years, both in the world and in my world. On almost every front, the pace of change has become even more frantic and the issues at the heart of the book have become even more pressing. Consider the rate of change in technology. Ten years ago, the Internet was still a novelty for most people. There were no smart phones, IPods or IPads; no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or most of the social media sites that are now transforming culture and economics around the world. Think too of the increasing pace of population growth, the growing strains on the environment and the effects of all of these on people’s lives and future prospects. Many other things have happened too, from the global impact of the events of 9/11 to the ongoing effect of the Great Recession… The sheer unpredictability of human affairs lies right at the heart of my argument for cultivating our powers of creativity: in business, in education and in everyday life.”

As a two-time TED speaker, Sir Ken’s 2006 speech, Schools Kill Creativity, has been downloaded and watched more than 5 million times, making it one of the most favorite TED videos of all time. He continues to speak across the country and the globe bringing his passion for education to each discussion.

Robinson was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for decades of service to education and the arts and he currently works with governments, cultural groups and organizations and Fortune 500 companies to address creative challenges facing education in today’s global economy.

For a taste of his upcoming speech about the Learning Revolution, preview this animation on Changing Education Paradigms.

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