Showing Our Love for Teachers Every Day!


It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at Blackboard! We’ve been hard at work on a top-secret mission to celebrate teachers for the wonderful and amazing work they do to inspire their students and help them unleash their full potential. I’m excited to share the big surprise with you. 

As a part of our ongoing commitment to supporting teachers, we surprised some  deserving teachers with brand-new iPads on the CBS award-winning daytime talk show, “The Talk.” The cohosts, like all of us, love teachers and the show gave us the perfect chance to show our appreciation for all the hard work they put in each day. Watch cohost Sara Gilbert’s special message to teachers and the audience’s reaction to the big announcement.

For a lot of us at Blackboard our roots in education run deep. Many of us have served in teaching, administrative or other education roles. Even more of us are parents of school-age students or are the children of educators. My own mother was a teacher for over 30 years and served as a curriculum leader before her retirement. These personal ties give us first-hand understanding of the commitment and sacrifice our teachers make every single day and inspires us to continuously seek new ways to help support them.

We spend a great deal of time listening to teachers and administrative leaders share their greatest challenges and most important goals so that we can understand the challenges we need to address. These conversations regularly come down to offering personalized learning for every student; engaging and communicating well with parents and the community; and ensuring a safe and secure learning environment. These three, intrinsically linked challenges are not always easy to take on, especially given the highly diverse and complex socioeconomic systems affecting us today. I am so proud of the tools our Blackboard team offers the education community which are a part of the broader ecosystem that enables and empowers the great work our schools do on behalf of our children.

Partnering for Change

As an education partner we are most excited about our progress in the areas of accessibility, community engagement, and digital learning that level the playing field and provide access to a quality education regardless of a learner’s location, economic status, background, race, or abilities. We remain strongly committed to technology advancements that make content and materials inclusive to all; to creating and fostering digital learning environments that allow teachers to cross boundaries and be more productive; and to delivering communications tools that ensure consistent and personalized access to information.

Half of all K-12 students in the U.S. count on a Blackboard solution each day. With that reach, we understand that we have a responsibility to help educators create successful students. Giving iPads to a group of amazing teachers this week was just one small way to demonstrate our appreciation. The passion and fierce commitment our teachers show to our nation’s students is something entirely unmatched. Every day, teachers offer our next generation a future of success and well-being.

At Blackboard, we remain deeply inspired and here to help. Together with school districts across the U.S. we are helping to lift administrative burdens, make communication smoother and enable learning every day. We are honored to be a part of the education community and to be your partner in change.

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