Q: How do you engage today’s active learner?  A: Use an image!

As you prepare to go back to school, we thought we’d share some important data about just how much students retain.  The bad news – it’s just a fraction!  The good news – visual aids can dramatically increase the fraction!  Take a look…


How can you use this information? Supplement your teaching to include more images. Pinterest is flooded with great images and infographics. Where do you look for great multi-media? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or click here to learn more about the Active Learner

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  • Matthew Pittman

    Infographics are great! I think they certainly help increase retention as they more fully engage learners by giving them additional ways to absorb the content. Lectures with visual aids give students another avenue to absorb the information. As stated in the infographic above, students only hear about half of what an instructor says. With additional methods to absorb information available, such as a visual aid, retention can be increased. Engagement is key because the brain stays on task and attention is less likely to wander.