Sharp Integration Improves Efficiency for Students & Educators


“Show your work!” Many people may remember that phrase when thinking back to any math course they took. While there are numerous math software programs and online resources on the market today, many schools and universities still require students to complete hard-copy assignments in order to show their work and prove they understand the concept of each equation. And it’s not just math courses that require hard-copy materials. Whether it’s primary source documents for a history course, handwritten lab notes for a science class, or sketches and illustrations for an art class, there are many instances where hard-copies are still preferred or required.

But in this digital age, what is the best way to organize and keep track of both online and printed resources? How can we help both students and instructors be more efficient when it comes to submitting and grading hard-copy assignments? The Sharp multifunction printer (MFP) integration for Blackboard Learn may be an answer.

Through this new integration developed by Blackboard, students will now be able to scan their handwritten and hard-copy assignments from any connected Sharp MFP on campus directly to their Blackboard Learn courses. This streamlined process enables students to do the following:

  • View a list of their available courses, view a list of assignments, and submit an assignment using a document they have scanned through the Sharp MFP.
  • View a list of their courses, view a list of their assignments, and print documents such as instructor-provided instructions or previous assignment attempts they have made.
Screenshot of options on a Sharp printer panel
Select the Blackboard Connector icon on the Sharp MFP panel to find your Blackboard Learn courses and assignments.
Screenshot of a Sharp scanner panel.
Submit your scanned document to the assignment selected.

By providing an easy and efficient way to submit assignments, the rate of timely submissions is likely to increase. Instructors will now have an easier time too. Scanned assignments can be graded and submitted on the spot in Blackboard Learn, rather than keeping track of hard copies and manually importing grades or submitting them one at a time.

The Sharp integration for Blackboard Learn in now available for clients on versions Q4 2015, Q2 2016 and Q4 2016. To download the Sharp MFP Assignment Submission Building Block, visit Sharp’s listing on the Blackboard Extensions Site. For more information about the Sharp integration for Blackboard Learn, read the press release.