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Shared Vision: A Key to Digital Learning Success


Creating Your Digital Learning Vision

Over the last sixteen years, I’ve had the privilege to complete my master’s degree in Educational Technology, launch digital learning initiatives in my former role as a K-12 educator, and collaborate closely with hundreds of schools and districts across the U.S. and Canada in their digital learning initiatives in my many roles at Blackboard. In these roles, I’ve worked with some extremely successful digital learning initiatives that have soared past all expectations, as well as some initiatives that failed to truly take flight. From this decade-plus work in K-12 digital learning, I’ve observed the components common to nearly all successful digital learning initiatives (as well as missing components in initiatives that fizzle out).

The following components are mission critical to digital learning success in K-12:

  • A clearly defined vision articulating the core challenges that will be addressed by digital learning.
  • Explicit, measurable outcomes desired from your digital learning initiatives.
  • Starting with a smaller defined target sub groups of the total student population, rather than a district-wide initiative, then growing your initiative over time.
  • A plan to measure success at key intervals.
  • A plan to build capacity supporting teachers and school leaders within the initiative.

Sharing Your Digital Learning Vision

After you’ve defined your digital learning vision, the next critical step is articulating this vision and selling it to key stakeholders, such as the board, district leaders, school leaders, teachers, parents, students, and community members. It’s important to get all stakeholders on board to ensure everyone is working toward a common goal, and is motivated to do so because they understand and believe in what you are trying to achieve with your digital learning initiatives. A shared vision is critical to your success.

Enabling Your Digital Learning Success

To help you think through and articulate your digital learning vision, we’ve created a couple tools that are freely available for you to use to build your digital learning vision. Get started today on building your digital learning vision, and then download your free toolkit.