At Blackboard, responding to client feedback remains an integral part of our service to our clients. That is why Blackboard’s recent release of Service Pack 6 improves existing features on the Blackboard Learn™ platform, as well as introduces new features, including:

  • Interactive Rubics – This is a vital tool for efficiently and consistently evaluating and providing feedback to students.   Whether you need a rubric to help manage essay responses, open-ended answers, or collaborative submissions to a wiki or blog assignment, the Interactive Rubrics tool creates a simple, flexible process that is integrated directly into your normal grading workflow.
  • Needs Grading View – Grading, processing, and updating is far easier now. Service Pack 6 now includes gradable blogs, wikis, journals and discussion board activity. Students are instantly notified, so you can influence performance in real time.
  • Timed Assessment – Now you can save and submit automatically when the timer expires, or allow the assessment to continue beyond the allotted time.

The feature I’m most excited about for the career college sector is the rubrics capability, which I believe will most help students to achieve success.  The Interactive Rubrics tool can be aligned to a specific item defined with a specific set of criteria, or metric, that can be mapped to a score or grade. Instructors then can more easily and consistently assign scores based on competencies that are defined in the rubric.  And finally, those scores/grades can be automatically passed to the Blackboard GradeBook. Overall, this approach enables colleges to define their goals and competencies for each assignment and then plan accordingly.  These specific goals, in addition to being able to serve as having the ability a metric to measure students against, means that students can better understand what is expected of them and are more likely to persist and reach success.

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