Army Man on Computer

Securing the Cloud for Military Learning


I recently had the opportunity to write a guest post on the ways digital natives are changing the way our military uses technology in its learning programs. Today’s military education institutions are driven by the need to develop a well-trained force among this new generation, and perhaps their biggest challenge is keeping up with the demand for anywhere, anytime content that these tech-savvy learners require.

From my experience, I have found that if the military isn’t able to meet this demand for technology with learning content that is accessible or mobile-supported, learners and their instructors will be less likely to adopt these programs – causing a stall in critical learning.

As a result, military training has started to move online, making it far more accessible than the traditional classroom.  And while early options for online military training were hampered by concerns over security, authentication, and support, the latest options are increasingly flexible yet secure, all within the cloud.

At Blackboard, we recently took military education to the cloud through our managed hosting partnership with the Command and General Staff College of the Army.  Through this pilot program, the Army can now share non-sensitive educational material to the cloud on a safe, mobile-friendly platform in a “.com” environment. The pilot has already seen huge success and is paving the way for an Army learning environment that is quick to launch and adaptable – which is exactly what today’s military learners need.

If you’re interested in learning more about Blackboard’s managed hosting and cloud offerings for the military, click here, or read about our work with the U.S. Army in DefenseNews.