This October 24 through 26, join senior-level Government and Military officials, industry partners, and academic communities in the 4th Annual Social Media for Defense Summit. The event – put on by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) – will be held in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. With an agenda chock full of influential speakers and educational information, attendees are sure to learn just how the world of government and military can benefit from social and collaborative technologies, while still addressing privacy and security concerns. Click here to download the PDF brochure for program details.

This excerpt from the event website explains why the Summit is so important for the DoD community: “With the introduction and adaptation of social media as a vital tool of communication in the Department of Defense, there is a constant struggle to maintain Operational Security and manage and mitigate the risks that come with it. Social media has been widely used in the military and government departments for recruitment purposes, counter media, psychological and special operations and warfare, information gathering and counter intelligence. The military, especially, has adapted an industrial approach to deal with social media, but with more resources and more needs, the military has learned to proactively leverage this new “environment” to achieve organizational goals.” Click here to register for the 4th Annual Social Media for Defense Summit!

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