Our recent #SfTrainingChat was a great opportunity to engage with our community on the ways that training technology can have a positive impact on training and sales.  Here’s a quick recap of our half hour online chat:

The first question we posed to participants asked whether or not businesses are thinking about the impact of training within a CRM.  Here was the response posted by Blackboard staffer and Salesforce MVP, Matt Brown (@mattybme):

Next, we asked about which metrics can be enhanced by adding training to the sales pipeline.  We had several interesting responses to this question, including one from @BlackboardProEd that was based upon case studies from Blackboard clients:

Question two also spun off this dialogue about training as an incentive for improving sales:

Our third question asked what technologies and social tools are being used by Salesforce users in sales training.  When asked by one user (below) about the best way to measure the true impact of learning on sales team performance, Matt Brown responded by stating that organizations who enhance their training programs should see a direct, positive correlation with their sales performance.

Finally, we explored how Blackboard (or other online learning tools) fit within the social enterprise, an important concept for Salesforce users.

We learned a lot from this Twitter chat experience, and look forward to hosting more of them in the future.  If you have any outstanding comments or questions related to the #SfTrainingChat theme, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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