Super Bowl XLVI got me thinking about an important annual event covered by the NFL Network in recent years.  Since 2005, Rich Eisen (NFL Network Host) continues to try and set a personal record running the 40-yard dash.

Here’s my favorite coverage of his results from 2010: httpv://

I love how they start comparing Eisen’s speed to others by superimposing simultaneous 40-yard dash sprints of NFL favorites Tim Tebow, Terrence Cody and Jacoby Ford. Watching Jacoby Ford fly by Rich Eisen over and over again got me thinking about a metaphor associated with our latest release of Blackboard Learn.

If Rich Eisen represents the Blackboard Learn of yesterday (Release 9.0, circa 2009), then Jacoby Ford represents the Blackboard Learn of today (Release 9.1 SP8, circa 2012).

SP8 is all about Superior Performance

Hands down, everything educators rely on their learning management system for is just that much easier and faster on Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 SP8.  And being able to do things faster and easier across core workflows is where it really counts.  That’s why the ongoing investments made in the design and functionality of Blackboard Learn focus on the tasks and activities that are used most frequently.  Here are four short videos that demonstrate time saving additions to SP8 that will make instructors feel like they’re flying through common tasks: (as fast as Ford flies by Eisen.)

Delight in a modern experience with the SP8 Theme

Get around faster with Task Based Navigation

Change it once and it updates everywhere with Automated Regrading

Edit files in one place with Easy Edit with Blackboard Drive

Now is your chance to start taking advantage of an improved experience with the same tools you love.  Start getting things done faster, way faster, in SP8.  So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about Blackboard Learn’s latest release, SP8

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  • Guillermo Solis

    Already installed SP8. is a new experience and excellent jump to blackboard

    • Julie Kelleher

      Thank you for reading and for your feedback, Guillermo. Happy to hear you’ve already installed SP8 and are having a positive experience. Feel free to continue to share your feedback with us.

  • Jose Manuel

    I could admit that all the front end is wonderful and really user-friendly, but the backend is just something that at this moment should’ve been improved… anyway to all those big institutions that are planning to upgrade this summer, I could say ‘may the force be with us all’…