In previous posts, we’ve discussed how Blackboard has adopted an open philosophy that brings together communities of developers and users to support open source software projects, frameworks, standards and learning objects. We’re committed to providing our clients with choice and flexibility across our full range of solutions, knowing that these solutions will be part of an educational ecosystem as institutions use a variety of products to fulfill their missions. It is with this same openness philosophy that we took a closer look at the latent opportunities available to us that could truly add value to our relationship with the teaching and learning community.

Serving over 16,000 clients across 90 countries, Blackboard sits in a unique place in the global market and possesses a deep understanding of the challenges facing the education community worldwide. With that broad reach in mind, we explored how we could create a space to facilitate a more fluid sharing of ideas, insights, perspectives and practices between all community members. And when we say community, we mean the entire community of teaching and learning – not just Blackboard clients and users. And so, it is with great pride that I announce the relaunch of E-Learn, a magazine and online platform designed to facilitate collaboration, co-creation and dialog between all education community members, with the purpose of improving learner success.

E-Learn’s mission has evolved. What used to be an online magazine designed to feature Blackboard customers in Latin America, is now a community driven platform, that will offer a richer set of perspectives on the impact of technology applied to the practice of teaching and learning across the globe.

E-Learn is not just about Blackboard. E-learn is about and for the teaching and learning community. We have built a space that is inviting and encourages participation. The content, topics and trends are determined by the community and we have made it easy for anyone to contribute through flexible, yet well-structured formats.

To date, we’ve received more than 140 contributions from leaders, influencers, educators and technologists from all five continents, currently available in English and Spanish. Our quarterly E-Learn magazine print edition is designed to focus on trending topics such as openness, accessibility, competency-based education and digital learning environments, among others, which you can also find online right now. In line with our openness philosophy, all contributions from the Blackboard team are properly identified in order to be transparent to the reader.

Your participation as a member of this thriving community is welcomed and encouraged. You can start by subscribing to the monthly E-Learn newsletter, by suggesting a topic or trend you would like to see developed, or by sharing an existing article with your peers. We recognize that most community members have valuable knowledge to share, but often can’t find the time or resources to do that. That’s why we are here to help, whether you’d like to promote your research, your event, or your team’s best practices. We want your voice to be visible and to influence others in the education community, as well as the development and design of Blackboard products and solutions. Here are some examples of content types we can work with you to develop:

 Here are some examples of content types we can work with you to develop: events, expert analysis, how-to’s and tactics, in-depth essays, infographics, interviews, opinion editorials, purchase guides, reviews, roundtables, use cases, and webinars.

Reach out to the E-Learn team to ask a question, share an idea, or suggest a topic. With your participation, we’ll make sure to keep all content relevant, useful, and diverse, making it a great platform for productive dialog and sharing of ideas.

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