Reflecting on 2020


As this historic year comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to commend you – the education community – for persevering during the most trying of circumstances. No doubt, 2020 turned all of our lives upside down. And the pandemic has especially impacted educators, learners, administrators and parents. Your focus, persistence and dedication to serving your learners and enabling education to continue has been truly inspiring, and I’m proud that Blackboard has been your partner in these efforts.

While we expect the Covid-19 crisis to come to an end in 2021, we will certainly experience its effects well beyond next year. We have heard a broad range of concerns from our clients as they think about what’s next. Challenges like how to support students as they personally experience the stress of the pandemic, how to help faculty members engage these students in a broad range of course formats, and how to plan budgets and programs with uncertain enrollment numbers.

As your partner, we are here to help you plan for these challenges and, in time, new opportunities that may emerge as well. Earlier this month I presented with Eduventures on how the Covid-19 crisis has brought us to an inflection point that has driven many of these challenges you’re now facing. One of the themes from the session was that no one knows exactly how changes will unfold over the upcoming decade. However, in the near term, new data is unlocking emerging possibilities in how we can partner with you. Data from across the ecosystem that gives us insight into the types of support, tools and insights students need to be successful. With this data we can create personalized experiences throughout the student journey that enable better outcomes.

We continue to have our sights set on the future, and are optimistic about the possibilities as we work through this unprecedented period in our history together. Here’s to a New Year of partnership and possibilities.