Last week Blackboard’s Ray Henderson sat down with Inside Higher Ed’s Steve Kolowich, technology reporter, and Scott Jaschik, editor, in a candid interview to discuss openness, transparency, and the direction Blackboard is taking with Release 9.1 of Blackboard Learn.  The conversation is captured in today’s story from Inside Higher Ed, Blackboard’s Ambassador, as well as in a full length podcast interview that is now live on the Inside Higher Ed Web site.  Podcast: Blackboard Executive Talks About Version 9.1 and the Future of Learning Management.

Here are some of the points Ray discusses in his interview: 

  • On openness and transparency: “We’re taking inspiration from the open source movement.  The lessons that I’m learning from that…are there’s a discipline both from social media and from open source about transparency and how you do business. There’s a greater expectation of transparency; you see that being reflected in what we’re doing programmatically to all parts of our business.”
  • On Release 9.1: “It’s less about product features and more about how we’re approaching our clients, how we’re approaching support, our overall readiness as a company to provide what clients need from us, which is a lot more than client features.”
  • On the value of Web 2.0 tools in education: “the blog is really a reformation of journaling; it’s the technological enablement of individual expression…wikis to me are layered activity and true collaboration so consistent with what we hear from educators today about how they would like to teach and how they would like to inspire their students to learn. This is a significant focus for us.”
  • On industry standards in e-learning: “I said a year ago at BbWorld that you could expect that we would pivot from participation in standards to leadership in standards…it’s a way to reflect what we see as a need from the community and also reflecting the values of the community that we serve; I think it’s a very important thing for us to do.”

For more insight from Ray, check out Inside Higher Ed and Ray’s blog.

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