Blackboard ProEd’s David Rosenbaum – a Senior Solutions Engineer – recently hosted a free webinar highlighting some of the new features in Blackboard ProSites, a hosted, easy-to-use online learning platform, is designed to help small and midsized organizations (and departments) manage and deploy training at a very low cost. The online demo provided attendees an in-depth overview of the new interface and the trendy tools that have been incorporated to make social learning more fluid than ever.

With a focus on usability, efficiency, engagement, and accessibility, ProSites has been designed to engage instructors and learners through an open, innovative platform, while enhancing the overall learning experience. The most notable aspects of the overhaul are the incorporation of a Web 2.0 interface and tools. Here are some of the great new features that users can look forward to: ·        Drag and drop capabilities ·        Context menus ·        Course design controls ·        Course file management ·        Blogs and Journals ·        Mashups ·        Wikis ·        Improved Group Tools ProSites includes Blackboard’s course management, collaboration, assessments, authoring and reporting tools, with features for corporate training. Learn more about ProSites by contacting the ProEd Client Team or visiting our Online Demand Learning Center.

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