Over the last several years, our annual user conference, BbWorld, has brought together education stakeholders, faculty, and learners to create a conversation around creating fully inclusive educational experiences.

This year, at BbWorld 2017, we are building on that momentum with two full days of dynamic programming focused on accessibility. During multiple presentations led by Blackboard leaders and our partners, we’ll provide shared experiences and best practices to help drive discussion. We’ve worked closely with our client partners and accessibility leaders to build a robust program focused on accessibility in education.

Sessions will cover everything from user interface design, to personalizing learning for students with disabilities in a blended environment, to accessibility in the business and government space. You’ll learn practical strategies that you can implement at your own institution to create more inclusive educational experiences for all learners. Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the must-attend sessions this year:

Interview with Dr. Temple Grandin

Can’t travel to New Orleans to attend BbWorld in-person? Not to worry! Register for BbWorld LIVE, a free digital companion to the conference. This year, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Temple Grandin, an accomplished and well-known educational thought leader and spokesperson for people with autism. Visit our website for more information about BbWorld LIVE.

Comparing perspectives and thoughts on why accessibility matters

Why does accessibility matter? In a time when accessibility is an important topic in education, hear two different perspectives on how to make your courses truly inclusive for all learners and learn how personalization and an emphasis on universal design can help bridge the gap. Led by Scott Ready, we’ll talk to a panel of speakers and compare perspectives from two different areas within education. Speakers include Phylis Zimmermann, Instructional Technology Coordinator at Texas A&M International University; Diana Bailey, Teacher at Lawrence Kansas Public Schools; and Kyleigh Edwards, Special Education Teacher at Lawrence Kansas Public Schools.

Blackboard Ally – Improving course content accessibility

The accessibility of course content has become a hot topic in education as the concept of the inclusive classroom gains popularity. How do you ensure you are designing your course with all students in mind? Nicolaas Matthijs, Product Manager for Blackboard Ally, will go through an overview and demonstration of Blackboard Ally and how it works with the instructor to help improve course content accessibility, improve accessibility awareness at the institution, and encourage an inclusive mindset.

Automating accessibility within the learning management system

This interactive lecture will highlight the strategy, collaborative organizational planning, vendor partnerships, and campus governance structures required to begin mitigating potential accessibility liabilities. Come learn ways to address existing resource limitations and content creation workflows with a live demonstration of how instructors can publish an accessible online class session. Speakers include Jeremy Olguin, Accessible Technology Manager at California State University Chico; David Rowe, Director of Digital Learning Technologies at California State University Chico, and Jeff Rubenstein, VP Global Product Strategy at Kaltura.

Tackle the challenge of eAccessibility with a university-wide approach

Creating an accessible and inclusive digital campus can feel overwhelming. Hear from Dave Rathbun, Instructional Technologist at the University of Cincinnati, on how the school created its Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Program as a result of a resolution agreement with the Office of Civil Rights to move the university beyond compliance and toward a universal electronic learning environment for all students.

To check out a comprehensive list of all sessions in our Inclusive Education track, visit with the BbWorld website.

In addition, we’re inviting instructors and instructional designers attending BbWorld to participate in usability sessions for Blackboard Ally, our new solution focused on making digital course content more accessible. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and shape the direction of Ally. Book a 50-minute slot with one of our UX designers at the conference.

We are all very excited about the conference and look forward to a great discussion on accessibility. Register for BbWorld 2017 now and reserve your spots!

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