Project_ng_graphic Hi there!  As we’re kicking off the Blackboard Next Generation Blog series, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is John Dennett.  I’m one of the managers of the Solutions Engineering team for North American higher education.  Our team’s role is to be experts in Blackboard’s software and services, and to convey the power of the platform and our overall solution to our clients.  Some of us on the SE team specialize in the pedagogical realm, while others focus on deep technical specialties, but one thing we all have in common is a passion for educational technology.

From its inception, Project NG has been about improving and evolving the teaching and learning experience beyond any previous Blackboard release.  By opening up the possibilities for connecting people and technology, these upcoming releases address the real-world challenges many of you face every day while working at the intersection of knowledge and the tools used to nurture and share it.  In fact, a lot of what Project NG is comes from what you’ve told us you need: flexibility, mobility and openness, just to name a few themes.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting to Blackboard Blogs about some of the ways, both big and small, that we’re working to help make these things happen.  Along the way, you may run into me or any one of our talented team of solutions engineers in the real world.  If you do, don’t be surprised if we want to strike up a conversation with you about the challenges you face and how Blackboard can help now and in the future — because another thing we SEs all have in common is a genuine excitement for the next generation of Blackboard products and services.

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