A few weeks ago, we hosted our first-ever professional colleges and universities Twitter chat (#4profitchat). During the chat, we learned a lot about trends in learning technology from our guest blogger, Career College Central’s Kevin Kuzma, and from our outside participants.

Our first question asked Kevin what trends he sees in career colleges that are trying to improve retention rates. His answer? Career colleges should make sure students “don’t feel like a number” by being responsive to student needs, especially through tutoring and academic support, as well as providing encouragement and individualized attention.

Next, we asked what career colleges are doing to enhance the student experience. Our expert predicted that institutions will focus more on job placement and begin adopting technologies students prefer, including mobile:

Later in the chat, we asked participants how career colleges can improve their offerings while reducing costs. Kevin’s response included a discussion on the benefits of blended learning, where digital and social media enhance traditional classroom learning. Our participants emphasized that blended learning is especially advantageous for non-traditional students, who must balance the demands of “work, home and college lives” and learn on their own time.
Finally, we asked if student technology preferences impact recruitment and retention at professional colleges and universities:

Overall, our biggest takeaway from the Twitter chat was that, in order to stay competitive, professional colleges and universities must harness technologies that enhance student learning. This means finding out more about the technologies that students demand and leverage them for learning, especially in a blended, mobile learning environment. We couldn’t agree more, especially as Blackboard continues to develop the solutions that career colleges can implement to enhance the student experience.

Thank you to again to everyone who participated in this engaging discussion. Be sure to stay tuned for future Twitter chat announcements by following @BlackboardProEd, and let us know if you have any ideas for topics to cover in our next #4profitchat!

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