The amount of change and growth we’ve seen for blended and fully online programs over the past four years, in terms of usage, requirements, and expectations, arguably tops that of the last 20 years. The LMS is moving – quickly – beyond its traditional acronym. Beyond simple grade books, management tools and discussion boards and into a comprehensive learning environment that fully meets the expectations of today’s students.

It is for this reason that we’re not just thinking about today’s LMS – we’re powering a learning environment that can support online expansion years down the road. We’re focused on having a deep understanding of your challenges, and in turn, using that knowledge to develop and offer solutions that specifically address industry needs.

I know you’ve heard us talk about this before. Today, I’m incredibly excited to give you some information on what we are now doing to drive this shift at Blackboard.

When I first joined the company, it became clear to me that our customers were struggling to really understand which of our products they needed to help them meet the challenges they were up against. Since then, our product managers, designers and the newly formed client success team – many of whom came to Blackboard from higher education institutions – have been busy at work on campuses and at schools working directly with academic technologists, faculty and students to improve how we are working together.

That work has led to the launch of our Learning Solutions. We have created these offerings to fully leverage the most reliable and scalable technologies in the market, making it easier than ever to create a robust learning environment with simple implementation and access to services more affordably than ever.

The new Learning Solutions portfolio for higher education institutions is directly aligned with challenges schools faces. They include:

  • Learning Essentials – The first step schools take to create the most collaborative online learning environment that reaches students when, where, and how they want to learn.
  • Learning Insight – Provides on-demand access to information necessary to make data-driven decisions, demonstrate achievement for accreditation, and influence student success.
  • Learning Insight & Retention – Helps institutions gain the insights needed to best engage and retain students.

At the heart of these solutions are the LMS features our customers have asked for. Check back here where I’ll provide more details on the latest release of Blackboard Learn and the improvements we have made in direct response to our customers.

To be clear, essential to the success of these offers is the accelerated pace of integration between our different product lines. Stay tuned. In the coming months, and definitely at BbWorld, you’ll see what’s getting us and our customers so excited.

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