Did you know that 1 in 3 first-year students don’t advance to sophomore year? Student retention is a challenge for almost every institution, but there are controllable factors. In fact, the data shows that learners who are actively engaged every day and feel like they’re a part of a community are less likely to look for other options. So implementing a proactive student engagement strategy is essential to retaining students and helping them succeed.

Take a look at this infographic below that lays out some of the key data points around why students leave and the benefits of implementing a proactive engagement strategy. Every institution has its own unique risk factors, but the truth is, many of the challenges colleges and universities face are similar. For example, most institutions still use email to communicate with students, while today’s students are more actively engaged by text messages and push notifications. We also found in our research that timely and adequate responses to financial aid inquiries can make students feel supported and respected. But so many institutions are simply not staffed to offer the level of support and guidance, especially outside of 9-5 hours.

Student retention is a widespread problem. And communication matters to students, especially around the application and financial aid processes. Download our free eBook, The Secret to Student Success, and find out how you can help your institution keep students engaged from before they even enroll all the way to completion.

Infographic on student retention engagement

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