Having taught in the classroom for several years, I recall in-service days every two months or so where teachers and administrators in the school district had the opportunity to network and learn about current issues in the K-12 classroom. The most impactful were those where I could walk away with a new skill, different approach, more in-depth knowledge, or greater insight which I could then apply to my work with students and share with my colleagues. The most beneficial in-service days consisted of sessions where there was more than the dissemination of ideas; they were professional development experiences where I was part of the learning process.

The Pre-Conference Workshop Program at BbWorld is designed to engage you in the learning process. Just prior to the official opening of BbWorld ’10 and over the course of three days – Sunday, July 11; Monday, July 12; and Tuesday, July 13 – we are offering a number of workshops constructed to equip you with new skills and share the collective knowledge of our Blackboard learning community.

Join Blackboard consultants and Blackboard Certified Trainers from around the United States as they lead hands-on and seminar workshops related to the following topics:


What’s New in Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1

  • Experience greater efficiencies in course management such as Course Files and enhancements to Learning Modules which provide an array of options for designing, presenting, and experiencing content in Course Management and Design in Release 9.1.

  • Learn about saving time through improved instructional workflows in Assessment and Grading Efficiencies in Release 9.1.

  • Explore effective use of collaborative and multimedia tools in Engaging Learners in Release 9.1.

  • Learn about the feature enhancements intended to aid in GUI system administration and management in What's New: Administering Course Delivery, Release 9.1.

Change Management

  • Identify considerations and the resources needed for preparation and planning activities for the upgrade to our latest release in Preparing for Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1.

  • Be introduced to the tools and features that are fundamental to teaching online using Release 9.1 technology in Change Management for CE/Vista: Teaching and Learning in Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1. Considerations around course conversion will also be discussed.

  • Identify and discuss system administration topics that will impact effective change management. Learn about options and features accessible through the GUI Administrator Panel of Blackboard Learn in Change Management for CE/Vista: Administering Blackboard Learn for Course Delivery, Release 9.1.

Education Continuity

  • Review and discuss the key parameters, plans, and documentation every institution should have in place in Disaster Recovery and Preparedness.
  • Join the Certified Trainer Program, a collaborative learning experience with colleagues where you take an in-depth look at how to train others and build capacity at your institution using Blackboard technology.

Pedagogical Practices and Innovative Instruction

  • Maximize Learning with Standards-Aligned Curriculum and Intervention in ANGEL

  • Leading Them to Water and Having Them Drink: Training and Supporting Faculty User

  • Evaluating Courses for Quality

  • Improving the Quality of Online Courses Using the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric – Step by Step

  • Conquering the Content: A Template for Rapid Course Design

  • Using Learning Modules to Develop and Deliver Units of Instruction

  • It's All About Effective Engagement! Developing and Facilitating Asynchronous Discussions and Synchronous Chat in Online, Hybrid, or Face-to-Face Classes

  • Can I Really do that Online? Effective Student Interaction with Groups

  • Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1: Fast Start for CE and Vista Instructors and Developers

I invite you to visit our Pre-Conference Workshop Program to select a learning path that is right for you! The BbWorld Pre-Conference Workshop site includes additional details about workshop audience, format, timeframes, and costs. And register for BbWorld now to save 20%, taking advantage of the Premier Rate which is back, only until May 28!

From one learner to another, I look forward to seeing you at BbWorld ’10!


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