“For more than a decade, for-profit colleges and universities have been agents of educational change—driving innovation by promoting online learning as an alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Now it’s time for these institutions to use their years of experience as leaders on the online learning front lines to shape what must come next for higher education: increased student success.”

As higher education becomes increasingly important in today’s job market, student success at all institution types is key.  But what can colleges and universities that focus on professional education do to lead other institutions on this path to student success? We address this question in our new position paper, “NOW is the Time to Raise the Bar for Student Success: How Professional Colleges & Universities Can Use the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Drive Change.”

From where we sit, career colleges must continue to embrace disruptive innovation to bring effective change to higher education, even if this requires overturning norms that are taken for granted.  For example, we believe some of the most important disruptive trends today – which are already embraced by career colleges – include:

  • Focusing on competency-based outcomes instead of credit hour completion.
  • Increasing rigor in the course-building process to better emphasize learning outcomes.
  • Integrating of professional skills into coursework.

If more institutions of higher education embrace these innovations, we believe students will be better able to thrive in both their studies and their careers.   To learn more, please click the image below or visit this link to read our “NOW is the Time to Raise the Bar for Student Success” position paper, and feel free to add your thoughts on this topic in the comments below.

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