Perspectives on the Future of Education: Ed Leaders Weigh-In, Part 8


This blog is one in a series from higher education thought leaders. Hussein M. Elmehdi, Dean of Academic Support Services at the University of Sharjah, offers insights on the future of education, and how technology plays a role in learner success.

How will teaching and learning practices over the next 10 years have to evolve to serve the learners of the future? ​

Teaching and learning will be driven by the following main factors:

  1. Technological advances and their utilization in teaching and learning
  2. Student expectations (globalization)
  3. Ranking (education quality)
  4. Cost of education, which will affect enrollment and affordable education.

What role will technology like analytics and data play in improving outcomes for learners in the next decade?

Technology has been identified as the main factor, which will impact the future of education. Analytics is one the most important features of technology (LMS) that will help institutions in many areas including: short-term and strategic decision making; accreditation files; Quality Assurance, etc. 

How will the college/university of 2030 be different than today?

It will be driven by the attributes of the Generation Z: tech-savvy, multi-tasking, very well-connected realists, visual, social media-dependent, etc. Colleges and universities have to meet the needs and demands of the current generation. 

What role will technology partners play in helping shape the future of how education is delivered?

Joint effort with technology providers and developers such as Blackboard to ensure that technological solutions meet the needs of teaching and learning in the upcoming years.   

Hussein M. Elmehdi is the current Dean of Academic Support Services at the University of Sharjah. He is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Physics and the Department of Applied Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Elmehdi obtained his Ph.D. in 2001 from the University of Manitoba, Canada in Biomedical Physics. Dr. Elmehdi is leading several research projects and training programs in utilizing technological advances in LMS in all aspects of teaching and learning including instructional delivery, assessment, and evaluation.

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