Perspectives on the Future of Education: Ed Leaders Weigh-In, Part 3


This blog is one in a series from higher education thought leaders. Margaret Korosec of the University of Derby in the UK offers insights on the future of education, and how technology plays a role in learner success.

How will teaching and learning practices over the next 10 years have to evolve to serve the learners of the future?

Adult learners of the future will continue to fit in education in between work and play. We need to continue to provide online alternatives that will serve all students. The traditional 18-year-old student is also changing, and all university systems tend to rotate around this profile. The system to support campus students does not tend to support teaching and learning practices for a broader audience. System design approaches will help with a holistic view and will identify current gaps.

What role will technology like analytics and data play in improving outcomes for learners in the next decade?

Service design approaches to learning design and improving outcomes will play a key role in the useful application of technology. Analytics is key; however, we need to get analytics right. We already look at the wider view of student engagement and basic data points. This is not enough! We need to plan for deeper analysis and measure between iterative changes. What happens when a learning activity changes? What do we need to do to support student success and foster critical thinking? We will continue to ask questions and reflect beyond existing systems to find solutions.

How will the University of 2030 be different than today?

There will be fewer institutions, and these institutions will be offering fewer programs. I see partnerships and online offers expanding and hopefully increased recognition of credit transfer. Institutions will not survive if they are only looking to their own campus. Online learning will be key in university portfolios. By 2030, the UK government will be more explicit in recognizing part-time and online learners, which will open new doors for growth.

What role will technology partners play in helping shape the future of how education is delivered?

We do not deliver education; we provide experiences and opportunities for learning. Technology partners do have a big role. The distinction is to keep the learning and teaching at the forefront and not compromise by ensuring the technology fits first. There is a powerful opportunity to engage with partners and draw on the research power of large entities.  

Margaret Korosec is Head of Digital and Enterprise Learning Solutions at the University of Derby Online Learning. Korosec is passionate about online learning and is leading online learning design and development strategy. She is particularly interested in researching shifts in academic practice and sense-making activities when learning to teach online. She brings a unique cultural awareness through her personal and professional experience in the United States, Austria, and the UK. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK and earned her Ph.D. at the University of Hull researching the perceptions, concerns, and practices of technology change facilitators in relation to technology-enhanced learning strategy in higher education.

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