We’ve all experienced it before: professional training that feels like information overload, where instructors pile on as much information as they can in a short period of time with the hope that something sticks. While this may seem like the only way to give employees all of the information they need during limited training time, it’s evident that learning is more impactful when the focus shifts to identifying  the most pertinent information and breaking it down through the “bite-sized” training method.

Blackboard’s own Paul Terry recently discussed his thoughts on this new approach to learning in a Training Industry Quarterly article entitled “Improving Learning Outcomes with a Bite-Sized Strategy.” In the article, Paul discusses key best practices in bite-sized training that can help companies overcome the “data dump” method with more effective, engaging corporate learning.  These strategies include moving training to mobile devices and fostering in social learning, both of which help to streamline information in a way that is more relevant to the way today’s employees learn and work in their daily lives.

You can read the entire article in Training Industry Quarterly by clicking here, and tell us about your experiences with bite-sized corporate training in the comments below!

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