Our New Partnership With Copia Helps Faculty Bring the Traditional Syllabus to Life


It’s no secret that colleges and universities are feeling more pressure than ever to deliver on student outcomes in face-to-face, blended, and online courses. And even though research shows that quality digital learning programs can provide the flexible and personalized education that today’s learners need—implementation of these programs isn’t always easy or consistent. In order for institutions to truly achieve excellent results, faculty must be empowered with easy-to-use and easy to adopt tools in order to create rich, collaborative, and personalized courses.

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Copia. This new partnership will empower faculty to drive student engagement by giving them a powerful new way to deliver customizable and collaborative content directly within Blackboard Learn.

The Copia Class integration allows faculty the opportunity to create an engaging learning environment that fully aligns with course objectives by leveraging a comprehensive content library, dynamic discussions, and personalized feedback. And to ensure faculty are supported each step of the way, Copia provides individualized services to create instructional experiences that meet the changing needs of learners.

With the new Copia Class integration, faculty can:

  1. Exercise choice: With over 1.5 million pieces of content from 250+ sources: Copia has gathered the best in publisher materials, open educational resources (OER), and locally-created content so faculty can select what best fits their needs.

    Search for books in Copia Class

2) Maximize time: Copia makes it easy to select a variety of content that’s relevant to the syllabus and course objectives—all directly within the current Blackboard Learn course.

3) Increase student engagement:
Faculty can fully customize content with notes, questions, and directions for students, thus encouraging real-time interaction every step of the way.

Reader note in Copia


To learn more about how you can start using Copia today, visit our partnerships page.