McGraw-Hill recently released a case study in which they explore how LearnSmart, an adaptive learning system within McGraw-Hill Connect®, has helped students in Professor Tuckwiller’s Psychology class at Florida State College to learn core course content outside of class.  By integrating LearnSmart into the classroom, the study shows that students spent much more time with course material and, in this particular case, course pass rates increased from 75% to 83.6%.  Additionally, Professor Tuckwiller notes that her class time has become much less about lecturing and much more about exploring the field through active learning.

These are terrific metrics and anecdotes to support the benefits of using LearnSmart.  However, what is truly exciting is that this tool is available right within your instance of your Blackboard Learn™ platform through the McGraw-Hill Building Block*.  It is also available to faculty at institutions who do not have an instance of the Blackboard Learn platform through CourseSites, a free, hosted, fully-online teaching and social learning platform that empowers individual K–12 teachers, college and university instructors and community educators to add a web–based component to their courses.

I have previously written about how today’s generation has integrated web-based technology into their daily lives and students expect dynamic content – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  The McGraw-Hill and Blackboard total course solution is another example of how education technology can help to improve student success – and there are numbers to prove it.

Educators can unlock amazing power through the partnership Blackboard has forged with McGraw-Hill.  Professor Tuckwiller saw an increase of 7.83% in overall class grade averages when comparing non-Connect and Connect classes by providing students with a dynamic learning environment.  What kind of improvements will you see when you take advantage of the McGraw-Hill Building Block?

Go ahead and check it out – increase student engagement, change the way students learn, and measure learning more effectively.

*Version 9.1 only.

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