Our Strong and Ongoing Commitment to Learn Original


With the rapid client adoption of Learn Ultra, we hope you’ll forgive us for our recent emphasis about the exciting progress we’ve made—and what the future holds for this new experience—and not as much about Learn Original. Taking a step back for a moment, it’s important to remember that we invest time and effort in more than just Ultra. Case in point: we recently announced enhancements to the Original Experience for Blackboard Learn, which focused on academic effectiveness and quality improvements. This release is just one example of our ongoing commitment to Learn Original across our multiple deployment options. Thousands of institutions and millions of educators and students use the Original Experience around the world, and that’s why we have no plans to stop supporting or developing it.

In fact, the past year has brought highly-anticipated features to Learn Original like cloud storage integration, attendance and embedded audio/video feedback. Moving forward, we plan to remain focused on six key areas:

Blackboard Learn: Original Experience – six key areas of investment 1. Enhancements through platform features 2. Iterative feature improvements 3. Mobile optimization and responsiveness 4. Data access and insight 5. Standards and interoperability 6. Quality and maintenance

It’s important to note that institutions choosing to move to SaaS deployment can still continue using the Original experience, which has the exact same navigation and course structure that your students, instructors and staff are familiar with today. Plus, schools that want to take advantage of the new Ultra Base Navigation can stillcontinue using their Original Courses, which is a great way to introduce change at your institution in a controlled way.

We’re also pleased to see that self- and managed-hosted Institutions have been moving to more recent releases of Learn Original at a faster rate than ever before. We believe this is partly the result of our emphasis on improving overall product quality.

In addition, we’ve seen a solid increase in the number of institutions taking advantage of new programs and resources to support Learn Original, such as our Upgrade Cohorts,Communication & Adoption Toolkits, and the Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series.

To reiterate, we’re thrilled about the rapid growth of clients choosing to adopt the Ultra Experience of Learn, which currently numbers almost 100 institutions. However, as a partner to our clients, we understand that different institutions will make different decisions about when and how to adopt Ultra Courses. For example, schools may choose to turn on the Ultra Base Navigation and continue using some or even all Original Courses. Therefore, we have no plans to end support for the Original experience of Learn and will continue to support and invest in it even as more institutions pilot and transition to Ultra Courses.

We encourage you to join our upcoming Learn Roadmap webinars to learn more.