Our new partnership with Curriculum Pathways®


According to the 2014 Speak Up Survey, when librarians are evaluating the quality of digital content 94% want to make sure it is accurate, 70% want to make sure it is research-based and 81% want to ensure the organization publishing content is credible.

Teachers and librarians also said digital content used in classrooms must be:

  •  Highly engaging and interactive.
  •  Easy for teachers and students to use.
  •  Used to develop students ‘higher order thinking skills.’

To address each of the factors above, Blackboard is continuing to partner with new K-12 digital content providers to offer you digital content that is accurate, credible, interactive and more!

Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Curriculum Pathways. Available at no cost, Curriculum Pathways provides interactive, standards-based tools, resources and apps for grades K-12. Curriculum Pathways focuses on topics where doing, seeing and listening provide information and encourage insights that conventional methods cannot. Built in accordance with how student learn, the engaging content can be differentiated to meet varied needs. Curriculum Pathways provides learner-centered activities with measurable outcomes and targets higher-order thinking skills. Materials are linked to state and common core standards. Educators can use resources in various technology settings.

As a result of the new partnership, 1,250+ interactive, standards-based tools, resources and apps from Curriculum Pathways are now available in Blackboard’s teaching and learning solutions through Blackboard Open Content (formerly known as xpLor), our cross-platform global learning object repository, a core component or our Personalized Learning Solutions.

View the demo here to learn more about this new partnership.