Our New Partnership with CK-12 Expands Access to Quality Digital Content


According to the 2014 Speak Up Survey, 76% of administrators say that more digital content usage at their school would be beneficial in increasing student engagement in school and learning. 67% of administrators say that digital content would help extend learning beyond the school day.

Additionally, teachers using digital content in their classrooms perceive technology use amongst students to be beneficial in:

  • Developing creativity
  • Developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Taking ownership of their learning
  • Learning to work collaboratively
  • Understanding how to apply academic concepts to real-world problems
  • Increasing their motivation to learn

At Blackboard we are listening to your feedback and have made it a priority to partner with reputable K-12 digital content providers to save your teachers’ time by bringing you digital content that is interactive and engaging for your students.

Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with CK-12 Foundation (@ck12foundation), a non-profit organization that provides full curriculum coverage for K-12 Math & Science. All of the content is aligned to Common Core and State Standards. We have partnered for their geometry, algebra, biology and chemistry content to start, with more subjects to follow. CK-12 is used by students and teachers in over 30K schools and provides a fully array of learning solutions – from 100K+ teacher created digital textbooks and concepts that are fully customizable, to highly interactive content like simulations and PLIX (interactives to explore). Teachers can even create their own quizzes and tests. Furthermore, CK-12 content is 100% FREE for students, teachers and schools and is now available in Blackboard’s personalized learning solutions through Blackboard Open Content (previously known as xpLor), our cross-platform global learning object repository, a core component or our Personalized Learning Solution.

View the webinar recording here to learn how Blackboard Open Content and our content providers help districts:

  • Embrace blended learning by integrating digital content
  • Maximize teacher time with access to searchable, free content
  • Personalize learning with unique content assets

Learn about our partnerships.