We are constantly working to improve the teaching and learning experience for our instructors and students and I’ve always been very proud of our long list of best-in-class, content provider partnerships that help us do just that. These partnerships allow our solutions to be seamlessly “stocked” with the highest-quality learning materials that instructors can use.

Today, I am excited to announce the latest addition to that list: Discovery Education.  Available immediately in higher education with plans for a K-12 launch later this year, this partnership brings the award-winning, dynamic digital content from Discovery directly into our teaching and learning environment.

Why does this matter?  We know students want to consume course content online and on their mobile devices. We know that instructors are looking for more creative ways to engage their students. Having resources available at their fingertips takes pounds off their backpacks. It puts less weight on their shoulders and more opportunities in their hands. Students will see and hear real-life applications that enhance traditional courses. For example, they can see videos that solve mathematical problems, images of the body’s systems, and footage from historical events, all within the Blackboard learning environment they use daily. Additionally, digital content is continuously refreshed so instructors can pull topical and timely material in real time.

This is what the user experience will look like with in our solution:


Browsing content

Dis 2

Sharing content

Dis 3

Accessing content

Just as pilots have begun ditching their flight manuals for iPads, schools everywhere are transitioning from bulky textbooks to digital content. At Blackboard, we are constantly looking for ways to give our instructors and students more access to this content through our solutions. Information that is easy to get to and interesting to consume will ultimately lead to more engaged students which, in turn, leads to more successful ones.

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