I am incredibly excited to announce the latest step in our renewed product strategy that is acutely focused on innovation and providing more value to our end-users: we have acquired Requestec, one of the leading WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) companies.

So, what is WebRTC? It is a cutting-edge technology that allows for synchronous communications, such as video conferencing, voice calling, instant messaging, video chat and file sharing, to happen directly within a desktop or mobile browser. It eliminates the need for any plugins or downloads.

And why does this matter? Because WebRTC will revolutionize video conferencing as we know it. It will provide the best synchronous learning experience – better than anything that is available in the market today.

This is a huge milestone – and not just for our company. Today, we have joined the likes of Amazon, Vonage and Cisco as one of the earliest adopters of WebRTC as it emerges as the new standard for video conferencing and real time communications across industries. Browser-based communications is a market disruptor: it challenges conventional thinking and advances new ways to collaborate.

And education needs it. Not only are online programs  growing at 10Xs the rate of traditional programs, but over 100 million more learners will be coming into the global higher education system within the next decade. The need for easy to use and easy to manage collaborative learning tools has never been more important. This dynamic new technology will not only keep our customers ahead of the curve, but also redefine how students, teachers and administrators engage with each other and how institutions scale to accommodate new learners.

We are moving quickly. We have already started incorporating the Requestec team’s great, award winning work into our teaching and learning environment and actually previewed it earlier this summer at our annual user conference, BbWorld. And more updates are slated for later this year. We are making strong investments to reinvent and revitalize our product portfolio and I am thrilled to continue the momentum and announce this latest step. Let me know what you think @markstrassman.

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