If you followed the news out of the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you probably noticed one consumer gadget in particular got a majority of the buzz – the TABLET. These lightweight, high-power computing devices are the ideal midpoint between a laptop and smartphone, and growing rapidly in popularity among on-the-go adults.  Of course, Blackboard heeded this trend with our iPad application, Blackboard Mobile Learn, but there’s still more apps we love that can help you on your education journey:

Good Reader – This is a PDF reader, plus so much more.  You can take really long documents (think training manuals, reports, and other texts) and use the tool to not just read, but annotate, circle, highlight, and more.

Keynote – If you’re learning in an interactive environment (which we hope you are) then you probably have to give a presentation every once in a while. Keynote is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and offers presentation creation and viewing with just a touch or a tap.

Sundry Notes – This multimedia note-taking app lets you write, draw, record, and more. This is especially valuable when your training involves formulas, images, and other non-text formats. You can save the notes to Dropbox or GoogleDocs and even share materials on Facebook.

Voice Memos – Even if your instructor isn’t recording and sharing training sessions, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them. This app allows you to not only record audio, but use other apps while you’re doing so. Your unlimited, high-quality recordings can then be saved for later use.

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