After celebrating the third anniversary of our acquisition of Moodlerooms and NetSpot, and welcoming Remote-Learner UK in our family, I am thrilled to share with you more news that further solidifies our commitment to open source. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Snap, our revolutionary Moodle theme, to the community.

Why revolutionary? Because Snap is much more than a simple Moodle theme: it is a new, richer Moodle experience that increases engagement through a highly intuitive navigation across all devices. Moreover, it provides a modern and professional structure that lets users focus on information where and when they need it, without overwhelming them when they don’t need it.

General consumers today have high expectations on the web. They want simplicity, elegance, and engagement. And learners are no different – they expect their learning experience to be delightful, with an interface that is sleek yet functional, and designed around their needs.

This is what we had in mind when we designed Snap. And this is why our design team worked directly with educators and learners to create an experience that was responsive, engaging, and accessible. The team performed dozens of design sessions, rapid prototyping springs and user-testing workshops, to make sure the workflows were right.

During a client visit in Australia last week, we showed Snap to a university who currently uses basic Moodle. One team member was completely blown away by Snap and said it was the best looking learning management system he’s ever seen.

Marlene Zentz, Accessibility Specialist from the University of Montana, said, “The vision of an accessible Moodle has been at the heart of our shared values for a number of years. Working with Moodlerooms on the Snap theme allowed us to provide feedback on usability throughout its development. We’ve greatly appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with Moodlerooms and share the teaching and learning perspective. We think the end result is a much better experience for everyone.

Our work on user experience is never done, and we hope that by putting this theme into the community, developers from around the world will help Snap to get even better, more accessible, and more flexible to meet the global needs of all Moodle users.

If you are interested in using Snap or participating in its development, click here. If you’d like to participate in the Moodle Collaborative Accessibility Group, click here.

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