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This past week, the Blackboard Mobile team hopped across the country, and then the pond to attend and participate in Online Educa Berlin (OEB) (December 1-3), the largest global e-learning conference for corporate, education and public service sectors. Online Educa Berlin brings together more than 2,000 participants from 90+ countries, making it one of the top events for technology-supported learning and training professionals.

This year, Aaron Wasserman (@a_wass) was invited to deliver one of the keynote speeches. For those unable to attend OEB, you can watch Aaron’s keynote address here, where he talks about the Blackboard Mobile team’s roots at Stanford University and how mobile devices and applications are changing life in and outside the classroom at universities around the world. Especially interesting is how schools are utilizing Blackboard Mobile Central to engage their communities with native applications, the ability to take self-guided tours directly from the app and even drop classes through the app, a controversial topic with Stanford’s Provost, Tom Black, that he thought would result in a new phenomenon of accidently adding or dropping courses that he termed “drunk dropping.”

Check out #OEB10 for more of the backchannel conversation from the event.


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