In conversations with our K-12 clients, we often learn about new ways that districts are using online learning to solve age-old issues. During the past year, we heard about several clients using online credit recovery programs to increase graduation rates.

Students on the verge of dropping out often need a flexible way to make up for classes they failed the first time around.On average, only 70 percent of students in K-12 schools and districts earn a high-school diploma. Often called the “silent epidemic” in high schools, high dropout rates put students’ futures at risk and pose challenges to our nation’s economic and social well being. Programs including online or hybrid courses are rapidly gaining acceptance as a credit recovery method, with innovative delivery options that enable students to work at their own pace and engage them in a new kind of learning. 

St. Tammany Parish Public Schools (La.) is one school that delivers credit recovery courses through the Blackboard platform. They recently shared their story with K-12 districts in this recorded webinar. For a student perspective on online credit recovery, watch this video featuring Littleton Public Schools (Colo.) high schoolers describing how Blackboard technology is helping them complete graduation requirements. 

Blackboard’s most recent eduviews report, Credit Recovery: Exploring Answers to a National Priority, explored ways to expand and optimize instructional capacity so students at risk of failing specific courses or dropping out can take advantage of important 21st century learning tools to get back on track for graduation.

At Blackboard, we’re excited to partner with schools to bring the possibilities of online learning to so many students. Together, we’re helping more and more students graduate from high school.

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