See how to win a free trip to BbWorld 2013!

Building—and launching—a career is a team effort.

Students, of course, are responsible for finding their own internships and jobs.

Career services offices, of course, provide resources to do this.

But a third ally in this quest may be less obvious: Blackboard System Administrators. In fact, you Sys Admins wield more power than you may realize.

Simply by downloading and installing the building block during the busiest time for applying to summer internships and jobs, you are opening up countless opportunities for your students. One small click for you, one giant leap for student-kind.

It’s all about access. You and only you can unlock this veritable treasure trove of Internship listings within the Blackboard Learn environment for students.


The Blackboard Learn and Integration Provides A "My Career" Tab To Students


As if that is not incentive enough, doing so can win you a paid trip to BbWorld 2013 in Las Vegas, where you will learn more ways to help the student body—and yourself.

Enter in two easy steps:

1. Download and install the building block by March 22, 2013.

2. Let us know you installed it.

We are here if you have questions. Either way, let’s help get these kids some respectable work.

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