Picture1 Over the past three years, I have blogged about our partnership with Project Tomorrow to bring you the Education in the 21st Century reports. These reports examined the views of K-12 educators on issues such as online learning and a new breed of K-12 administrators.

This time, we narrowed our focus to parents. Learning in the 21st Century: Parents’ Perspectives, Parents’ Priorities, released at the NSBA T+L event in Denver, CO (amidst 10+ inches of snow!), examines the views of these important, but often overlooked stakeholders in education. The report reveals that parents do not believe our schools are doing enough to prepare students for the 21st century. To improve on this, they identify the application of technology to learning and teacher training as two major elements for success. Read more.

This report is made possible thanks to district participation in past Speak Up surveys.  Right now, the Speak Up 2009 survey is open now through December 18th and we’re calling all students, parents, teachers and administrators to take part!  Since fall 2003, this project has collected and reported on the views of over 1.5 million K-12 stakeholders from over 18,000 schools in all 50 states. 

What’s even better? If your district participates, you get the data back for free. Quantitative survey results are available to participating schools and districts online, so that you can use the data for future planning and community discussion.  I hope you’ll consider participating – I know many districts that are glad they did.

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