A New Approach to Training. The Success Story of ANB.


Engaging employees and making it easier for them to attend training courses are no easy tasks especially when considering issues like geographically dispersed training sites and the impact of after-hours training on employees’ family time.

The Arab National Bank (ANB), a leading financial institution in Saudi Arabia, has always been at the forefront for its training and employee development programs. However, they felt that the way courses were delivered was not up to their standards anymore, and there was a lack of efficacy and efficiency. To overhaul the approach to internal training, ANB decided to take a step back, review the current programs, identifying the needs for the coming years, and develop a new company-wide culture of learning.

During this exercise, education technology was identified as a critical enabler to creating a consistent, engaging and easy to use training environment. Dr. Nawaf Alhussseini, Head of Human Resources, tells us that the ANB team selected Blackboard Learn as their learning management system (LMS) after a thorough evaluation of several solutions. In particular, they appreciated the powerful features and flexibility within Blackboard Learn, which allowed ANB to adapt the system to their specific requirements.

Dr. Alhussseini also mentioned that most of ANB employees already knew the LMS, since Blackboard Learn is widely adopted among local universities. This helped create a familiar training environment where learners can access self-paced courses in full autonomy very quickly.

Results so far have been outstanding. In the first 18 months of the program, employees attended more than 10,000 training sessions in total, and since they can access the courses anywhere anytime, they are able to complete their training more easily and in a shorter amount of time. Moreover, thanks to the excellent feedback received, the ANB team is already planning to extend the course catalogue to include additional training and educational programmes, such as foreign languages.

Getting employees involved and helping them learn more, learn better and with fast results. ANB has been able to deliver all of this and more thanks to its revolutionary approach to internal training, so it’s no wonder why it was named winner of the Blackboard Excellence in Training & Development Award. The award recognizes organizations that are using Blackboard in innovative and highly effective ways to train, develop, and engage their workforce.

We are proud of our partnership with such an important client in the Gulf region. It’s yet another example of our commitment and ability to support both educational institutions and companies.

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