With numerous digital learning content options available to educators, figuring out how and when to get started with adopting and using digital content can seem daunting. Blackboard has invited experts from a variety of fields to participate in BbWorld 2012 to help you navigate this broad content landscape. Instructional designers, faculty and technology decision makers will find these sessions beneficial and enjoyable!



  1. Alan November,  an international and renowned leader in education technology, will push the boundaries on how to improve online teaching and learning in higher education. His wit and humor make him a highly sought after presenter in education forums worldwide.
  2. Skip Prichard, President and CEO of Ingram Content Group, a company dedicated to helping “content reach its destination” through a variety of physical and digital services, will share his view on the digital transformation taking place in the book industry and the opportunities it brings for students and educators. With his passion for motivational speaking and love of books in all formats, Skip will deliver an inspirational and thoughtful analysis of the market dynamics and trends happening in the content world today.
  3. Kate Worlock, a senior analyst at Outsell, will talk about the future of interactive education and how companies serving the world of education can cross the digital chasm and support educators to deliver the changes demanded of them.
  4. College students will be on hand also to share their perspective on classroom engagement and digital content via a moderated discussion. Students will share their opinions on digital content, online learning and information accessibility in higher education.


Find out more about guiding your institution’s digital content strategy at BbWorld 2012!

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