As we all know, many students are struggling to navigate a successful path throughout their college experience. Completion rates aren’t as high as they could—or should—be and nearly half of all students who earn degrees are either unemployed or underemployed once they graduate.

At Blackboard, I am pushing our team to find new and different ways to tackle these and other big issues students are facing and I think we could do a lot more to help students and institutions promote student success. Today, I am very excited to announce a major step in that direction with our acquisition of MyEdu.

MyEdu has created an incredibly successful, free set of student-focused tools that are used by millions of students to find the best path to a degree and build their first “professional profile” that will connect them to job and internship opportunities.

Students use the platform to map out their personal education plan while simultaneously building a unique profile that showcases their academic skills and course experiences. Through corporate partnerships, MyEdu shares these profiles with employers who can easily find qualified, interested students for open positions. MyEdu has already been successfully implemented in some of the largest higher education systems in the country, including the University of Texas System, where over 50 percent of students have a MyEdu profile.

Here is an example of a student professional profile:

Professional Profile

The decision for Blackboard to invest in these tools is a critical one for our company. It reflects our shift in focus to learner needs and student success and providing relevant, user-friendly tools that help the students and communities we serve in critical areas.

In the short term, we will be laser-focused on sustaining the incredibly positive experience users have with the platform, which will remain free to students. In the longer term, we will work to determine how we can connect MyEdu’s products into our existing learning platform to create a more holistic experience for students.

You should expect to see more of this type of focus on students and their overall success from us in the near future. We have talked a lot about our new company strategy and I am excited to continue sharing examples like this that show the direction Blackboard is going.

More to come.

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  • Jason Rhode

    This announcement and demonstrated strategic focus by Blackboard on supporting student success is exciting and typifies the renewed emphasis in higher education recently on overall student success. I look forward to seeing what other steps Blackboard takes in the future to provide even better solutions for students and institutions alike in support of student career success/

  • Eric

    I think this is an excellent step forward in providing more student focused tools in Blackboard. Features that empower students to more effectively manage their own educational experiences through extended personal learning networks is increasingly becoming essential. The focus on targeting student success through student orientated tools as well as features like the Blackboard Retention Center are exceedingly important in higher ed today. MyEdu combined with future Blackboard integration will provide a win for students, faculty, and institutions!

  • Gary

    Am I right in assuming that this just seems to be a service for American students and wouldn’t be of interest – at least currently – in the UK?

    • Blackboard

      Thanks for your question, Gary. While MyEdu is currently only available in the U.S., expanding to other markets is something we will be looking into as part of our product strategy now that MyEdu is a Blackboard solution.

      • Gary

        Thanks for confirming that for me. It looks good and will probably get a lot of interest if/when it becomes available over here.

  • mhawken

    MyEdu looks really promising — the visual interface and use of badges to show skills, courses, and interests is very appealing. I’d love to see it combined an institution’s SIS system, specifically an academic planning tool, and with the BbLearn portfolio tool, perhaps importing course content for the courses and projects.

  • I hate Disqus

    You know what. I don’t want a myEdu account but I can’t access my profile page or functions without signing up for it. I am required to use Blackboard for almost all of my classes, but features are blocked because I won’t sign up for your program. As an optional add on, fine, but as a requirement to access my profile, thats total BS. Why should I trust you to keep my personal information where I want it and away from where I don’t? Why should I have to take that risk at all?