Project_ng Many of you may know me as the face of   Bb Classic.  The limited acting skills on display in those "Bb vs. Bb NG" videos may leave you wondering if I have a day job to sustain myself, or if like Keanu Reaves, some mysterious backstage force keeps propelling me into choice roles.  Alas, it is the former; though I’m secretly hoping to be cast in the next Wachowski brothers’ movie.

For my day job I am the Senior Director of Technology Evangelism at Blackboard.  This is a new position at Blackboard.  I’ll be focusing on projects related to the openness of our products, on research projects related to open source development and on standards initiatives.  Over the next few months, I’ll be providing more information on new technologies we are developing for Project NG to enable Blackboard software to interoperate with the rest of your e-Learning infrastructure.

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