Membership Has Its Privileges: Make Your Association’s Training Program One of Them


Many professional associations are struggling to survive in today’s virtual, highly networked world. Ubiquitous access to online content and communities has eroded consumers’ willingness to pay membership dues. Consequently, associations are scrambling to uncover new sources of revenue and differentiation.

Offering a robust professional development program promises to do just that. Forward-thinking associations are beefing up their benches of industry experts and revamping their approaches. These leaders view a member training program as a strategic opportunity to:

  • Generate non-revenue dues that can supplement the organization’s funding sources.
  • Attract new members by providing access to unique content that’s tailored to their field.
  • Retain existing members by reinforcing the association’s value-added services.
  • Create a cohesive community of engaged and loyal members.
  • Cement the association’s leadership position by delivering professional insights that aren’t available elsewhere.

To thrive in today’s fluid marketplace, associations must not only be innovative, but nimble as well. The “how” of implementing a training infrastructure matters as much as the “what.” Organizational leaders must create a scalable framework that allows them to make the most of stretched resources.

It’s therefore critical that associations choose an experienced partner who not only possesses the right technology solutions, but who also demonstrates an expertise in developing successful learning programs. Learn more about how to build a compelling member training program—along with the criteria for choosing the right partner by downloading our latest e-book: Future-proof your membership learning strategy: 4 simple ways to add value with professional development.