I've been posting here a series of brief clips of informal interviews with members of Blackboard user groups conducted with simple Flip video cameras at conferences and events by their peers and Blackboard Client Success team member Sahar Javadi.  I love these videos, being able to actually see who is using the same software, learning comparable things, in places far from where I live.

Some of the interviewees have discussed e-Learning at their schools and campuses or students who are spread around the world.  Others have reviewed Blackboard products, sites and services.  Many have described with passion the networks of support and collaboration that occur within their user groups.  A few have plugged future user group conferences (all of us are always selling something, aren't we?).  And one man asked the Blackboard K-12 community to build a global user group.

Seems only fair to also post a clip in which the camera is pointed at a Blackboard team member.  Here Blackboard User Experience Architect Rob Fay introduces himself and explains what exactly a "user experience architect" (my vote for the best Blackboard job title) does:

More interview clips with community members can be found on the BlackboardTV Channel on YouTube.

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