The Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit has a lot going for it, including numerous opportunities to learn about our newest platform enhancements, including Blackboard Collaborate 12 with mobile capabilities, and to network with other Blackboard Collaborate users and experts, especially those who have already upgraded to Blackboard Collaborate.

By attending Connections, you can optimize your technology investment and have a voice in shaping future Blackboard Collaborate products and services. At the same time, what you learn here will enable you to take actionable steps within your organization to add value.

Are you as certain as we are that your participation will make a difference for you AND your organization? The next step is convincing your boss. So, here are some talking points that will help you do just that.

What you will learn …

Invest your time for immediate impact by:

  • Building on the innovation of other Blackboard Collaborate clients to make your investment work even harder
  • Participating in active demonstrations for first-hand advice and tips you can use right away
  • Coming away with new ideas, refined purpose, and better product knowledge to make it all happen
  • Getting a global perspective from a diverse group of speakers, cutting-edge topics, and interaction with community members

What you will do …

Designed for you and by you with opportunities to:

  • Choose from 50 presentations by Blackboard Collaborate customers, thought leaders, and subject matter experts
  • Participate in moderated peer discussions on partnerships, openness, and goals for building a better student experience
  • Attend detailed technical sessions devoted to change management, scalability, upgrade paths, and the latest Blackboard Collaborate technology
  • Find out where education technology is leading us and understand the road map to your competitive advantage

What you will change …

Share your ideas and impact future releases by:

  • Brainstorming with your peers in the academic community
  • Meeting with like-minded professionals and tackling challenges as a team
  • Interacting with industry leaders and Blackboard Collaborate experts
  • Taking part in molding “what’s next” from Blackboard Collaborate

We hope this helps you make your case for attending Connections Summit 2012. It could very well be one of the best decisions you and your boss make this year. We are looking forward to seeing you in July in New Orleans!

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