In these times of stretched budgets and tighter resources, here at Blackboard Connect we have watched as mass communication has transformed into a useful, effective tool being used every day to overcome a variety of challenges facing district, campus and local leaders. No longer solely reserved for critical situations, many of our clients, most notably K-12 schools and districts, are using regular, routine communication to enhance the quality of education by implementing cost-effective procedures to help collect outstanding fees or balances.

In schools across the country, school lunch balances are often forgotten or are unable to be paid by a family, increasing annual debt for the individual school and the district overall. Invoices sent in the mail and reminder letters carried home by children are ineffective and costly, as they require significant administrative resources — consuming both staff time and paper and printing funds.

To help school and district leaders learn more about using communication to return measurable cost savings, we are hosting a free webinar, Cut District Costs and Collect Unpaid School Lunch Balances. In this webinar, the Robeson County School District, of North Carolina, and Brookline Public Schools, of Massachusetts, will discuss how they used targeted, routine messages to notify parents in their district of negative school lunch balances and, in return, they have cut their outstanding balances in half.

Join us on May 3 at 2 p.m. (EST) to learn best practices for using communication to lowering lunch balances and to involve parents in issues concerning child nutrition. Register today!

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