Looking for patterns in the cloud


OOpen LMS was acquired by Learning Technologies Group (LTG) on March 31, 2020. To learn more about Open LMS, please visit https://www.openlms.net.

On March 20 in Osaka and March 22 in Tokyo, open source LMS users gathered in Japan’s two largest cities to attend the Japanese chapters of Blackboard’s Digital Learning Days series, and to learn more about our open source SaaS solution, Blackboard Open LMS. 

The sessions were co-delivered by members from Assist Micro, our Channel Partner for Japan, and Blackboard’s Solutions Engineering team. Opening presentations were given by existing Japanese Open LMS users; Sanyo Onoda City University, and the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, who presented their experiences moving to the cloud. The 3 hour sessions offered both user stories and provided actual hands on experience using the Open LMS on laptop and hand-held devices.

Based on feedback collected at each session, there were 3 main points of interest for attendees:

Software as a Service – More and more Institutions are looking for a secure, scalable and fully managed environment that reduces on-site administrative and technical commitments and future-proof technology investments (http://tinyurl.com/openlms-saas)

Mobile learning –  Smartphone is the preferred tool of modern learners and institutions need to implement an LMS with responsive design and a mobile app, enabling students to engage with their learning materials on the go (http://tinyurl.com/openlms-snap)

Personalization – Each learner has their own learning style and it’s key for instructors to embed rules into course activities so that content “responds” to student activity (http://tinyurl.com/openlms-pld)

Moving to a new LMS is a huge commitment, and selecting the right LMS that meets institutional requirements and helps minimize change management is a huge benefit. Blackboard Open LMS not only minimizes transition efforts by utilizing the same core framework, but also provides and easy-to-use, customized user interface and many original tools that creates a more engaging and rewarding student experience.