Guest blog post by Cody Galluccio, Blackboard Collaborate Marketing Intern.

Searching for the Right Internship

Like many other students in the months leading up to the summer, I started my internship search off strong, sending out as many applications as possible and hoping something stuck. After much searching, connecting, and interviewing, I finally saw that Blackboard posted a spot for a Marketing Intern. Like most college students, my knowledge of Blackboard at the time was limited: I only knew it as a learning system that my professors used for my classes. Having a background in both marketing and education, this seemed like a great position and I decided to apply. Only during the interview process did I learn that Blackboard provides multiple products, and that I would be working with one I never heard of or used before – Blackboard Collaborate! This, combined with the great experiences I had during the interview process, made me sure that Blackboard Collaborate was the place for me. Eventually, after a bit of discussion, I was offered the position.

Working at Blackboard

Due to the limited space in the NYC office, I was told I would be working out of my Brooklyn apartment. This was a bit different than what I was used to, and I wondered how effective this would actually be. Still, I decided to go along with it and Blackboard provided a laptop. I was worried there would be a lack of communication. But I quickly realized that with the use of Blackboard’s very own solutions within the workplace, communication was easy and quick. For example, Blackboard Collaborate allowed me to discuss ideas with co-workers in the DC office and even attend department-wide strategy meetings, which is invaluable for anyone who wants to get a real understanding of what a professional career is actually like. Yes, there are a few extra benefits like no commute and it does require self-motivation. But for me, this experience was just as educational, if not more so, than if I had gone in to the office every workday.

Leaving With a New Appreciation

Looking back at my time at Blackboard, I have to say that I could not have asked for a better internship. I met a group of great people (both virtually and in-person), honed my skills, and was able to feel like I was making a positive difference in the world – all from home! I honestly feel as if this summer has helped me grow not just as an employee, but also as a person. Now I realize how great it can be to be part of such a wonderful company that is forward-thinking.


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  • John Francis

    Hey, I’ve been interested in interning at Blackboard for a while. I’m a computer science major and I live in the DC area so it seems like it could be a good fit. Unfortunately, the website has been largely unhelpful and I haven’t found a way to get my foot in the door. How would you suggest contacting the company?