Training and ongoing learning have always been an integral part of life as a soldier. Our nation’s service men and women are constantly learning new ways to protect our country and its citizens. Equally important is their continuing education while serviing in the military — whether living stateside or stationed abroad. That is why the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC), which educates up to 10,000 Army majors a year, has made a commitment to its students to support their continuous learning efforts through current technologies.

Boundary-free learning is more important than ever with the changing armed services landscape, and Blackboard Learn™ now makes it possible for military students to learn on-the-go. The school uses the latest tools to go beyond the basics of online training and focus on preparing military students for the long haul. In addition to delivering online courses and materials to military students, the CGSC designed a program called “Reachback” to provide access to archived materials and content from its unclassified courses and electives — these materials are continually updated by those in the field and instructors. Online communities are effectively built around courses, content, and discussions. These types of tools and technologies enable Army majors to keep learning as they progress in their military careers and face the new challenges that those roles demand.

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