If you haven’t read it already, Jeff Cobb, managing director at Tagoras, shares his expertise in a second edition of his Learning 2.0 for Associations white paper. Cobb lays out a few additional key tools that were either not in existence or not as popular in 2007 when his first paper was published. Here, he explains how associations and organizations should shift their thinking regarding learning value. Cobb believes that learning 2.0 is about much more than simply integrating social media into education. “It is about maximizing the potential that the new opportunities for learning represent,” he says.

Cobb tells us that learning 2.0 is the convergence of web, learning, and education. The full report dives into how approaches to learning have evolved over the years and what impact the newer generation of Internet and communication technologies are having on learners. You can download the full report here. Read more from Cobb at the Mission to Learn blog he writes for ongoing learners. In the report, Cobb also explains that learning 2.0 happens outside the bounds of formal education because:

1.    It shifts from the teacher-centric, expert-dominated models and eliminates constraints on time and geography

2.    Learning environment begins to be driven by learners’ knowledge and not just teacher’s expertise

3.    Increased user control over content creation and data management

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