80% of the main stage time at BbWorld this year won’t be about Blackboard– at least not in the way you might expect. There is very little debate that we are in a time of change in education, with calls for transformation from all corners. At Blackboard we hold a fundamental belief that this change should be driven by the needs of the learners. That we must reimagine education in a way that puts the learners at the center and provides processes and solutions that encourage, support, and motivate them along their pathways. We have made it the focus of our company – and the focus of our annual BbWorld conference.

Join us for live streaming of inspiring presentations and vigorous discussions that grapple with the most important issues in education today across the spectrum, from K-12 through higher ed and lifelong learning. Hear first-hand from the learners, leaders, and innovators who are reimagining education and making educational transformation a reality.

What does it mean to be learner-centric? Learners are important not only because they are the primary stakeholders in educational processes, but also because, for the most part, they are the drivers of change. And they are changing. They want more out of their educational experiences. They need education to prepare them for meaningful employment and civic engagement. They are evaluating their options and looking for the best educational opportunities to meet their needs.

At BbWorld we’ll see this firsthand in a dynamic panel discussion with learners talking frankly about their educational experiences and what motivates them to learn—and the disconnects between educational systems and what they need and expect. Zak Malamed, the founder of Student Voice, advocates for students’ rights through this for-students-by-students organization integrating student voices into educational change. Joelle Stangler, University of Minnesota Student Body President, tackles the multi-faceted issue of affordability. Aaron Wagner helps veterans like himself who are struggling with the many challenges they face navigating educational processes and accommodations for disabilities. And Kunal Bhadane personifies the importance of finding the right connections between educational experiences and careers.

We’ll all be inspired by the education reimagined perspective of Adora Svitak, whose TED talk advocates for “childish thinking,” bold ideas, and the importance of adults learning from children.

Peter Diamandis, international pioneer in spaceflight innovation and co-founder of Singularity University, will drive us to be leaders in applying technologies to address humanity’s most important challenges.

And don’t think these are just ideas. Our panel discussion among innovation leaders will exemplify how their hard work is actively changing policy and practice to make education more learner-centric. Richard Culatta, Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Dept. of Education, has spearheaded Education Innovation Clusters fostering collaborations between educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs to accelerate gains from learning science and new approaches to learning. Kris Clerkin is the Executive Director of College for America at Southern New Hampshire University, providing low-cost competency-based programs empowering adults in the workplace to develop their own paths and learn at their own pace to achieve degree completion. Kent Hopkins, Vice Provost for Enrollment Services at Arizona State University, has engineered the academic structure for Starbucks to provide online education for all of their employee/partners to achieve their life goals. And Amy Laitinen, Deputy Director of Education Policy at New America, strongly advocates for changes in policy to address fundamental problems in our educational systems’ structure of credits based on seat time rather than on learning. These leaders epitomize the value of real, applied innovation and will be sharing their perspectives on how we can drive positive learner-centric change to benefit not just individuals, but the societies of which they are a part.

Today. Now. Education reimagined.

Live Streaming BbWorld Main Stage Agenda:

  • Tues. July 21, 3:00- Keynote presenter Jay Bhatt, CEO and President, Blackboard
  • Wed. July 22, 9:15- Learners’ Voices panel discussion
  • Wed. July 22, 10:15- Keynote presenter Adora Svitak
  • Thurs. July 23, 9:00- Innovation Leaders panel discussion
  • Thurs. July 23, 10:00- Keynote presenter Peter Diamandis

To access these sessions virtually, please register today at BbWorldlive.com. Registration is free and we hope to see you online.

And to join us in person or see more of what’s happening at BbWorld 2015, click here.

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